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From the sale of Knelle manor known  from VCH  and from the following documents (Melbourne Library):

1383 Robert de Beleknappe, kt., and Julian his wife and John Preston of Warehorn v. William de Batelesford and Richard de Cristelton, clerk; manor of Knelle and 90 acres of land, 32s rent in Beckley, to John for life of William de Welles of Canterbury, remainder to Robert and Julian and heirs of body of Robert, contingent remainders to Thomas Lyvet, John Lyvet, Robert de Oxenbrugg', Laurence Curboil, heirs of their bodies, or right heirs of Robert de Beleknappe (SSX FF). - A Fredericus de Curbuilo is mentioned in 1067 in Normandy. The name may be a variation of Corbeil.

1385 CCR 8 Richard II, March 26, Westminster
Thomas Lynet to William Batelesford, Robert Oxenbregge and John Lynet, their heirs and assigns.
Charter with warranty, after the death of William son of William de Welles, of the manor of Knelle and all lands, rents and services in Beckele, Pesemerssche (Peasmarsh), Iden, Playden, Northyhamme and Wightreshamme which were of Edmund de Knelle knight, cousin of the said Thomas; and grant of the reversion of premises, now held by Robert de Beleknappe, kt., during the life of William de Wellez by his demise with reversion to the said Thomas.
Dated Monday before Corpus Christi 8 Richard II.
Memorandum of aknowledgment , 7 June.

1385 CCR 9 Richard II, Nov. 15, Westminster
Edward Dalyngerugge, kt. to Robert de Beleknappe, kt, his heirs and assigns. Quitclaim of the whole manor of Knelle, and of all the lands, rents and services in the parishes of Beckelee, Northihamme and Wyghtreshamme sometime of Sir Edmund de Knelle (Knellee) kt, which the said Robert now possesses by feoffment of William de Welles.
Dated London, 8 Oct. 9 Richard II.

Edward Dalyngerugge kt. to Sir Robert de Beleknappe.
Receipt and acquittance for 100 pounds due by certain covenants touching the manor of Knelle.
Dated London, Friday of the octaves of Michaelmas 9 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment of the foregoing writings, 8 November

Thomas Levet to Robert de Beleknappe knight, his heirs, and assigns etc.
Quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Knelle etc.
Dated London, 30 Sept. 9 Richard II
Memorandum of Acknowledgment, 8 November

Robert Oxenbrugge to Robert Beleknappe, kt. etc. Quitclaim without warranty

John Levet to Robert Beleknappe, kt. etc. Quitclaim without warranty.
Dates and acknowledgements as above.

CPR 1382 - Commission de walliis, fossatiis, etc. to
Robert BEALKNAP, Edward DALYNGRUGGE, John BROOK and others between a place called Knellesflote...
Brook and Oxenbrigge were involved in the sequester of Agnes de Knelle and Oxenbrigge and Dalyngrigge in the sale of Knelle manor to Robert Belknap!

Batesford, Belknap, Brook, John Lynet or Levet and Oxenbridge were all lawyers and became well known during their carreers as officials of different sorts. The Batesford, Bealknap, Dallingridge and Oxenbridge families became close by intermarriages.