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The British Library
Melbourne Library (researched by Tony Ingham)
The Visitations of Cornwall, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Kent, Warwickshire, Berkshire, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Sussex.
The Victoria County History (VCH) of Gloucestershire and Sussex (Bramber Rape, Hastings Rape and others)
Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae
The Canterbury Cathedral Archives (CCA)
The Origins of some Anglo-Norman Families (Harleian Society) by Lloyd
A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland (by John Burke) and others of his and his brother Bernhard works
The Charters of Robersbridge Abbey, Battle Abbey in Sussex and Tréport in Normandy
Radnor Castle - by Paul Martin Remfry
Commissionary Court of London in Husting  - Will abstracts - and others
Hampshire Records”The Crondal Records Historical and Manorial” (David Knill)
Canterbury wills . Lamburn wills, Kent wills, Kent and Sussex Arch. Soc. and others (Chris Phillips)   wills and other documents
The Worldconnect Project
Kent Genealogy

and unaccountable additional sources like dictionaries, Google Books, The Internet Archive, genealogy pages & organizations, universities, societies, Sussex documents, Domesday Book, Dugdale's Monasticon, The History of..., Norman documents, cartularies of England, Normandy and France, Gallica, web pages, other French & Norman documents, etc.

Abreviations: Google Book Search (GBS), Sussex Archaeological Collections (SAC), Kent Archaeological Collections (KAC), The National Archives (TNA), The Public Record Offices (PRO), Publications of thel Bedfordshire Historical Record Society (BHRC), Calendar of Close Rolls (CCR), Rot. litterarum clausarum (CCRlit),Calendar of Chancery rolls (CChR), Calendar of Fine Rolls (CFR), Sussex Feet of Fines (SSX FF), Calendar of Patent Rolls, (CPR), Curia Regis Rolls (CRR), Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem (CIPM), Society (Soc.), Archaeological (Arch.), Topographical (Topogr.), Genealogical (geneal.), Antiques (Ant.), History (Hist.), Victoria County History (VCH), Record (Rec.) Foundation of Medieval Genealogy (FMG), Canterbury Cathedral Charters (CCA), Sussex (SSX), Essex (ESSX)., Documents preserved in France (Docs FR), Charters (CH). Abbrevatio Placitorum (Abrev. Plac.), Rotuli Hundredum (Rot. Hdd). Domesday book (DB) for Hampshire, Herefordshire, Middlesex, Wiltshire and Sussex, incl. Domesday Tables for Berkshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Middlesex - Some sources are mentioned directly in the text.

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