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Prebendary unidentified. First occ. as canon 9 sept. 1228, occ. several times as Rector of Longbridge Devereil. Kin of SERLO, collector of Devon, first donor of prebendary Teinton. Last occ. 17 Aug. 1239.

In Cart. Reading I nº 215 name given as de KNOLLE.

(Adam DE LA CNOLL held land in Fisherton near Barnstaple, Devon).


Occ. without title in Wells, 7 Jan. 1234, Royal clerk, proctor at papal curia 1241, canon St. Davids by April 1242, canon of Wells by 13 July 1254, dean of Wells by Sept. 1256, papal dispension for illegitimacy 20 July 1260, so that he might gain a bishopric (CPL I, 374), envoy to the king of France. 1259 and 1262 Edward de la Cnolle appears as Dean of Wells (Reg. of bishop Walter Bronscombe. 18 Nov. 1264, prebend of Bosham from Nov 1268, died as dean of Wells 16 Sept. 1284. - When King Henry III was a prisoner of Simon de Montfort and the barons with Queen Maud they wrote two letters to the King of France asking him for assistance, saying that 'some persons make a sale or alienation of our laws and of the prerogative of ourself and our son to the disinheriance of us and our heirs, against our will, which you ought by no means to permit'. (This concerned the Provisions of Oxford, where he would be ruled by a council on account of his mishandling). - 'Give credence to what Master Edward de la Cnol, Dean of Wells, bearer of this present, shall say to you on our behalf. Witness the King at Windsor'. (The Baron's War).

1238 From Calendar of Close Rolls: The King orders the sheriff of Gloucester to send a letter to the prison to liberate Edward de la Cnoll', as the Archbishop of Canterbury informed that he was worth of forgivenessCRR p. 93). - What would he have done? - In September 1262 Edward de la Cnolle, dean of Wells, confirmed a charter by William bisnop of Bath and Wells dated 22 June 1262 (CCHR).- In 1268 William de la Cnolle. Geoffrey de Lucy and others witnesses a bond by Geoffrey de Bridgeport to Edward dean of Wells and the chapter for 100 s; and anaother one for an identure to the same Liber Albus). -

TNA E 210/11013 – Appointment of Edward de la KNOLLE, Dean of Wells (1256-1284) - TNA SC 7/43/1 - Order from Ottobon, cardinal deacon of St. Adrian and papal legate, to master Edward de la KNOLLE, dean of Wells and master Thomas de Bytton, precentor of Wells, to collect from the diocese of Bath and Wells the tenth for three years of all ecclesiastical revenues (save those of cardinals), which Clement IV..... Jan 15 1267

Other references: 

ALEXANDER DE LA CNOLL (Relative of Edward de la Cnoll)

Royal presentation to church of KINGSTON, Kent, 24 Aug 1265, occ. in Wells 6 June 1266. Royal grant of unnamed prebedary 1267. He was installed 1270 in Ashreigney by bishop Bronscombe. Alexander became a canon 8 June 1283 (Reg. of bishop Godfrey Giffard).

THOMAS DE LA CNOLL - On 22 March 1265 Thomas was collector of the bishop Giffard (Register). - Master Thomas de la Knolle was succeeded in 1278-9 by Sir John Pycol at Exeter Cathedral. Prebend at Easton in Gordano, was bishop’s collector there. On March 1265 also prebend of Exeter. Died by 21 Feb 1280.

RALPH DE CNOLLE was collated to Sidmouth in 1270. (Bishop Bronscome's Reg).

N. DE CNOUL OR CNOUYLE - appears in bishop's Giffard's register 1282-3.

RICHARD DE KNULLE was a chaplain in the church of St. Ethelbert, Hereford in 1293 (Inq. Miscell. V. 1 p. 453).

The family held the vill and manor of Knolle of Richard de Clare of Gloucester in 1127 (Ancient Kal. and Inventiores). - In 1221-2 Hubertus de la Cnolle was justice of Eyre in Gloucestershire. - 1231 Philip de la Cnolle sued the abbot of Glastonbury and his prior for common pasture inn the moor in Cnolle (CPR p. 448). On 26 May 1246 he witnessed a charter by the Chapter of Welles (Liber Albus). Walter de la Cnolle is his son. - Roger de la Cnolle appears in the cartulary of St. Mark's Hospital p. 110). - In 1297 Adam de la Cnoll is a witness (Z1/2/1). - Thomas de la Cnolle son of Galfrido owes money to the jewes (No date. Medieval Engld. p. 424).